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Organisational Transformation

engage, plan, inspire, change.

Organisational Transformation: Because change needs ownership and commitment.

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Our approach for organisational transformation

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The greatest impact on a change program’s result comes from ownership and commitment of people. Out-performing organisations that master transformation foster a leadership style that is grounded in a high level of team engagement, bold aspirations and accountability.

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Anybody who has led a transformation knows that even the most carefully designed change can fail because of mediocre execution. Planning and implementing change has become a central dimension of organisational transformation! We support your transformation - from within.

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Successful transformation requires a significant investment of time and attention from leadership on inspiring teams. Great transformation creates the right buzz around change by engaging the broader organisation. Rather than spamming everyone with generic communications, leaders instead cascade compelling and relevant change stories through the entire organisation.

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Turning plans into reality isn’t easy. For many years, we have worked together with leading companies to achieve change and transformation across sectors and industries, improving performance, capabilities, and practices. Co- creation, joined ownership and mutual accountability make our programs a unique experience for our clients.

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Transformation from within

Different solutions for different situations

Why do start-ups that seem to have it all - customers, cash, a compelling vision - run off the rails? Many start-ups have trouble "scaling". They grow so rapidly that it's difficult for them to correct course. We help to improve your operations from within by applying effective scaling.


Start-Up and Founder


Organisational transformation often focuses on larger organisations. However, Family-Owned Businesses (FOBs) face specific needs when it comes to business transformation. We provide support with co-designed and implemented change programmes which tackle transformation from within.

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Family Owned

Businesses (FOBs)

We support the transformation of social impact entities at local and international levels. Our team members have track records in the leadership and transformation of for-purpose-organisations. Whatever your focus, we will deliver a tailored solution that recognises your unique needs and the impact you seek.

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Social Impact


Different solutions for different themes

Digital technologies are key in organisational transformation, especially when they are introduced and implemented effectively and with purpose. We help you to understand where 'going digital' will enhance your transformation efforts, allowing you to prioritise and focus on adopting the right technologies and tools.

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Transformation requires not only changes in strategy, structure or business models, but also in organisational culture. With our culture assessment, we provide field-tested tools to identify key drivers for cultural change and to turn entailed challenges into opportunities, promoting a culture that embraces change.

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Introducing and establishing agile operations in a dynamic, complex and fast-changing environment can be a challenge. It is easy to label old habits with new terminology. We help you to truly turn operations agile to deliver more change of greater scope more quickly and effectively than ever before.

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