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Because change needs ownership and commitment.


empower, execute, evolve.

HCG Organisational Transformation

Our services for organisational transformation

Change Management

Change Management

We facilitate the process of planning, implementing, and managing change in an organisation, considering critical factors such as leadership, clear communication, active employee involvement, proper planning, and adaptive execution.

Our consultants bring specialised expertise and experience in change management and can provide impartial guidance to making better-informed decisions.

We help you to continuously evaluate and improve the change process, ensuring it is effective and aligned with organisational goals and objectives.


Culture Development

Culture Development

Transformation requires not only changes in strategy, structure or business models but also in organisational culture. Transforming organisational culture doesn’t have to be a complex and challenging process.  

With our culture assessment, we provide field-tested tools to identify the key drivers for cultural change and turn entailed challenges into opportunities, promoting a culture that embraces change. We help you to define and communicate the desired culture and values aligned with your organisation's strategy and goals. Through co-creation, we develop a roadmap with specific actions and initiatives to support the desired culture change.   


Agile Business Models

Agile Business Models

Agile business models are designed to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. The goal is increased adaptiveness to new opportunities, high speed to market, and the development of customer-specific solutions. 

Moving your business model to agile is not simply a question of tools or systems, but a change in mindset and organisational culture. Implementing an agile business model can be a significant organisational transformation. We help you develop an approach with a clear understanding of the factors that will impact the success and a commitment to making the necessary changes to support an agile culture and way of working.

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