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Because large-scale change needs genius and discipline.    

Social Impact

empower, execute, evolve.

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Responsible Citizenship

Social Impact - Responsible Citizenship

We provide social ventures and other social impact organisations with non-capital support, such as developing agile operating models or scalable impact solutions through interim leadership support, consulting, coaching and building of networks. We support social ventures aiming at large-scale change by taking both direct action and systems-level action on a societal problem.

An increasing number of social ventures face challenges in building their management capacity, particularly during phases of growth or instability, while balancing growth and impact. The desire to scale quickly can sometimes conflict with the need to develop the organisational capacity to ensure accountability. This can lead to trade-offs that may be challenging to navigate. We support this by providing „change from within“. We build capacity through people, processes, systems and a culture of transformation that have the power to make a sustainable change at scale.

Our programme supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on access to health, climate change, economic growth, an inclusive society and access to justice for all. We focus on initiatives that overall contribute to our responsible citizenship.


Peek Vision Andrew Bastawrous TED
Peek Vision Andrew Bastawrous
Peek Vision

Partnerships we are proud of: 
Peek Vision - Vision and Eye Health for everyone.

Peek Vision is a social enterprise that empowers eye health providers working in low- and middle-income countries to optimise their services and strengthen health systems.  Innovative software solutions, programme design, and a data intelligence platform which helps NGOs, governments and health services become more efficient, and effective. The result? Better vision and eye health for the millions of people worldwide who need it.

We accompanied Peek in a period of organisational change, supporting the development of Peek’s agile operating model.

"Hesse Consulting Group has been a fantastic facilitator of change at a time of rapid evolution and growth of our young social enterprise. The thoughtful, systematic and holistic approach has provided us with tools for change and continuous improvement. The team has demonstrated empathy and experience, which has been, and continues to be of great value and ultimately of benefit to us delivering our mission."  


Andrew Bastawrous

Co-Founder & CEO @ Peek Vision

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