About Us

We help leaders and their organisations

achieve the change they seek.

In a world with many disruptive forces, it is critical for an organisation’s success to develop its ability to boost project performance and to build the capability necessary to transform their organisation effectively.

"Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action."    [Simon Sinek]

We achieve results ‘from within’, because our engagement is not limited to the conceptual level, but adds value through co-creation and joined implementation, getting specific and measurable results in close partnership with our clients.

Our journey started in 2014 as an independent, international consulting group.

Over recent years, our team has established, together with our business partners, a selection of services, providing specialised support on project management and organisational transformation to clients in different sectors around the globe.

The primary key to our success is well designed and implemented engagements. We are pragmatic about methodology and passionate about delivering results through co-creation. Our organisational culture, work ethics and core values create positive experiences for our clients, demonstrating a positive impact on our client’s businesses.

We are licensed partners of Direct Impact Group and CoThink.


Our Values

We are passionate about organisational transformation and project performance. Our culture is shaped by this purpose and by our values, which influence our thinking and daily behaviour. They are used routinely in decision making, priority setting, and implementation of all aspects of our work. Our Code of Conduct serves as an ethical guideline, is shared with our clients and is an integral part of our consulting engagements. We measure our success against the effectiveness of their implementation




Team Work





We believe genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action. Simon Sinek
Our consulting job does not stay at the conceptual level, but adds value to the client organisations by producing specific and measurable results that make an impact!


The difference is...

System view rather than component view

Limiting change to one or two of these fundamental pillars while ignoring the others often leads to short-term achievements without long-lasting results. Our intervention address to interdependencies and provide comprehensive solutions.

Actual Results instead of PowerPoints

Our engagement is not limited to the conceptual ‘Power Point’ level, but adds value through co-creation and joined execution, getting specific and measurable results in close partnership with our clients. We are your ‘partner in crime’. Our job is finished when the goals have been achieved.

Field tested solutions instead of academic models

Our solutions are simple and pragmatic, because we are passionate about delivering results. Complex problems need simple solutions. It is much harder to provide clean and simple solutions but it is worth it! This is as well in our interest, as we join you in the execution.

Our Leadership

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As Executive Partner, Markus is responsible for corporate strategy and operations.


Since 2000, he advises leading organisations on matters such as strategy, and transformative change. Markus has served as consultant and coach on more than 150 projects in a variety of industries for Fortune 500 companies and mid- sized organisations.


His educational background includes a M.A. in Business Coaching and Change Management.

He has served on various NGO Boards and as Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors of the INGO Accountability Charter (today Accountable Now)

Markus Hesse
Executive Partner
Lorsch, Germany

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As Director of Business Development, Stuart is responsible for marketing, cultivating partnerships and identifying new product and service opportunities.

With an extensive background in leadership and technology in financial services, he is able to advise on business operations and aid organisations in navigating effective change with purpose.


Stuart has an MBA from Cass Business School (now Bayes Business School), City, University of London. He has a keen interest in technology and the management of innovation practices.

Stuart Mackie
Director of Business Development
London, United Kingdom


Our Team and Business Partners

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Dr. Guna Fernandez

Change Management



Elie Gasagara

Project Management


Erich Schimmel_edited.jpg

Erich Schimmel

Agile Transformation

Evolving Zone

Andy Williams.jpg

Andrew Williams

Change Management

Ask Teach


Jan Willem Vernhout

Change Management


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Jeff Wolfin

Change Management


A selection of our clients

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 Erika Tschofönig


Head of Governance and Compliance

Light for the World 

"It was the right decision for us to hand over this delicate assessment to the group. Thanks for your excellent work and the excellent team which was assigned to do the interviews."

Our Cooperation Partners

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