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Because effective team working needs the right work management tools.    


What is Asana?

Social Impact - Responsible Citizenship

Asana is a leading work management platform that's pioneering the future of work. With Asana, everyone knows the company goals they're working towards, what needs to be done to achieve them, and how work is tracking against them. Organizations around the world rely on Asana to help their teams reduce ‘work about work’ so they can focus on the work that matters most, from small projects to strategic initiatives.

Grow your business: create and scale workflows that bring teams together to work more efficiently and innovatively to move your business forward.

Execute strategic imperatives: Align and execute your organization's most important initiatives.

Drive employee impact: help individuals operate with clarity, focus on their most impactful work, and feel recognized for their contributions.

Operational Efficiency

Cross-Functional Alignment



Creativity and Scalability

Why choose Asana?

How can we help?


Justice Defenders Alexander McLean TED
Justice Defenders Alexander McLean
Justice Defenders

Partnerships we are proud of: 
Justice Defenders - defending the defenceless.


Training paralegals and lawyers within defenceless communities to provide legal services for themselves and others. Because everyone deserves a fair hearing. 

"Markus has gone beyond being a consultant to being an important ally for Justice Defenders. He is responsive, committed and engaged. He is able to build relationships across cultural and sectoral boundaries. During his engagement with us he has operated effectively at board, global and national levels. He is an effective project manager and sees through to the end the things that he has started. Solutions are practical and grounded in our context. During periods of particular intensity, Markus has consistently stepped up to shoulder responsibility and support the team. He is relational, available and a pleasure to work with."


Alexander McLean
Founder & CEO @ Justice Defenders

Peek Vision Andrew Bastawrous TED
Peek Vision Andrew Bastawrous
Peek Vision

Partnerships we are proud of: 
Peek Vision - Vision and Eye Health for everyone.

Peek Vision is a social enterprise that empowers eye health providers working in low- and middle-income countries to optimise their services and strengthen health systems.  Innovative software solutions, programme design, and a data intelligence platform which helps NGOs, governments and health services become more efficient, and effective. The result? Better vision and eye health for the millions of people worldwide who need it.

We accompanied Peek in a period of organisational change, supporting the development of Peek’s agile operating model.

"Hesse Consulting Group has been a fantastic facilitator of change at a time of rapid evolution and growth of our young social enterprise. The thoughtful, systematic and holistic approach has provided us with tools for change and continuous improvement. The team has demonstrated empathy and experience, which has been, and continues to be of great value and ultimately of benefit to us delivering our mission."  


Andrew Bastawrous

Co-Founder & CEO @ Peek Vision

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